Business Planning: Your Company is Invaluable

How do you protect the value of the business you’ve worked so hard to build?

As a business owner, you know that the largest part of your personal wealth is your company. At the very least, it provides the income you and your family rely on for your well-being and lifestyle. Over the long run, however, your business means much more than that. The equity in your business grows as your company expands its operations or client base.  Your business also has a powerful impact in your community, by employing people and providing products and services.


Realize Your Long-Term Financial Goals

Advanced Pension Strategies Insurance & Financial Services (APS) helps you realize the fruits of your labor by mitigating risks through business planning. As a business owner, you want these basic benefits:

  • Securing Your Own Future—When it’s time to depart, you want to be able to convert or liquidate your ownership interest into cash or income.
  • Securing the Legacy of Your Company—You want to see the business survive, by passing it on to your heirs, key employees, or successor owners who want to see it thrive. 

We can help design and implement a financial strategy to protect your business, provide the liquidity you need, and enable it to maintain itself long after your have parted from the daily activities. 


Protect Yourself from Unexpected Risks

Though many businesses like to think of themselves as prepared against disaster, they rarely plan for protecting the most valuable assets of the company: partners, key employees, and revenue sources. Risk can come in many forms:

  • Death—What if you die or lose a partner or key employee due to an unexpected tragedy?
  • Disability—What if you, a principal or a key employee suddenly becomes too sick or injured to work?
  • Divorce—How do you keep the company going after a vital business partner splits ways? What if an owner or partner gets a marital divorce, and the ex-spouse has a claim on the business?
  • Disinterest—What if an owner or a partner loses interest in the business due to a family emergency, a mid-life crisis, or a desired career change?
  • Retirement—What if the person retiring has a majority ownership in the company?


APS helps you protect the value of your business over time – very often from these unexpected risks. We help secure the future of your life’s work.