Pension Strategies: Save Taxes & Build Business Value

We show business owners how to achieve long-term financial goals with state-of-the-art strategic tax saving solutions that protect their present and future income. Pension planning provides a way for business owners to save tax dollars, while shifting wealth from overdependence on the value of the business to safely managed assets that can replace business income down the road.


Offset Risks

  • Are you losing hard-earned income to taxes?
  • When you sell your business will you have enough money to comfortably retire?
  • How do you retain and incentivize key employees?
  • Are you protected from creditors?


Accomplish Multiple Goals

  • Lower Tax Liability

Through sophisticated pension and other advanced tax saving solutions, we take money off the table and put it away in a tax-favored plan, thus saving tax dollars and setting them aside for future growth.

  • Enhance Business Value

Our strategic solutions enhance the value of a business by attracting and retaining key employees through pension incentives and other employee benefit and executive plans. We are also experts in strategies such as succession planning to maximize business value.

  • Realize Long-Term Financial Goals

We help business owners reduce risk and generate wealth by creating a growing diversified pool of money separate from the firm itself, which can be creditor-protected.


Custom Designed Pension Plan for Your Business

Advanced Pension Strategies Insurance & Financial Services (APS) can help provide you with a custom designed pension plan for your business using a three-step process:

  • Due Diligence: We do a thorough analysis of your business and your personal financial situation.
  • Design: We use our technical expertise to design a plan tailored to your individual situation. With a highly strategic viewpoint, we use state-of-the-art tax solutions in the design of your pension plan. We will work closely with the proper team of advisors to customize your plan, which may include your CPA, a third party administrator, attorney or other advisors. 
  • Implementation: Once the retirement plan is in place we are hands on, overseeing the entire program. We act as the brokering agent to find the best investment platform for your specific pension program, and then continue throughout the life of the program to assist your company with plan maintenance and employee education.


We Can Help

APS can help by taking a broader perspective from a strategic planning standpoint.  We would like to be your partner in your long-term success, in business and in retirement. 

Please contact us for further information.

Advanced Pension Strategies Pension Case Study